N5 Sensors

This website came to me through one of my agency clients on the East Coast, and their focus is sensors for toxic gases and environmental pollutants. A very reputable company, they needed a site that was appealing but also structured and scientific. 

Most of the design structure had been finished up by the time I was brought onto this project, however, there were a myriad of issues because of the way the previous designer had set things up. These issues ranged from javascript errors to page builder incompatibility, all resulting in a site that couldn’t be edited further. Unfortunately, the site was due to my client’s client the following morning, so I started from scratch and rebuilt the entire site in one night. 

A few months after the site had been launched, I handled their website migration and oversaw their switch from BlueHost email to Office 365.





N5 didn’t want their website to be completely static, and they wanted some animated elements incorporated. We upgraded them to Elementor Pro and added animations to their headers.


The typeface “Now” is the one used in N5’s logo, and they wanted that throughout the site. This is not a Google or Typekit font, so we needed to create TFF, WOFF, and WOFF flies and add CSS to incorporate these fonts in this site.