about me

hi there!

My name is Maria, and I love all things related to marketing. 

While I currently reside in Arizona, my clients are located all across the nation. It’s truly a pleasure to work with such a variety of businesses and different personalities. It’s an honor to get to know the people I work with and help them improve their marketing strategies or even create their initial strategy. 

I’ve always gone “against the grain,” whether that meant passionately pursuing an idea no one else believed in, or pushing against those were mistreating others. Honestly, that’s where my freelancing career began. 

I worked at a marketing agency for a little while, and I worked with some wonderful people. However, while half of the agency was dedicated to serving our clients, the other half was dedicated to cutting corners, charging clients for inapplicable services, and treating clients with blatant disrespect. I once witnessed the CEO on a call with a client who had stepped away from the phone to talk to an employee, and when he came back, our CEO told the client to “stop talking in that Muslim terrorist language.” The harassment of the employees included not allowing lunch breaks, tantilizing employees for not being in a relationship, and telling us that “it was okay to sexually assault women as long as they’re older than six.” 

Needless to say, while the employee harassment was enough to stop anyone in their tracks, what pushed me over the edge was the blatant disrespect for the clients. Some of my clients were small business owners who were putting all of their trust and money in us, and our CEO was telling us to ignore their calls. It wasn’t right. And that’s where my passion for small businesses emerged.

I quit, and i became a full-time freelancer. I currently manage clients’ Facebook Ads, manage their organic social feeds, create and maintain their websites, and design beautiful marketing collateral for them. I answer all of their calls and all of their emails. Why? Because it takes a lot to own a business, and you deserve respect and transparency. 

I moved to California in 2009 to earn my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, as a frequent member of the Dean’s List. I began as a computer science major and gained valuable programming knowledge before I switched. My introduction into the sports industry sparked my interest in marketing, as I constantly experimented on our social media accounts to see what increased our engagements. I enrolled in Marist College to pursue my Master of Arts degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, and I graduated with honors as a part of Lambda Pi Eta at the end of 2017.


UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC – Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design
MARIST COLLEGE – Master of Arts, Integrated Marketing Communications

I know people, and I know their trends. I can learn any audience’s mannerisms and tailor marketing techniques to reach them as efficiently and effectively as possible. The most important aspect of marketing is the ability to talk with your audience, rather than at it. People like to know that they matter, and they like to feel they are being listened to. That means providing excellent customer service as a part of an encompassing marketing strategy.

Creatively, I can take your “this is our product, and I kind of want to use this photo and maybe this color” jumbled thoughts onto paper to create stunning collateral. My job is to create for you, and my whole career I have been catering to people who have a cloudy vision and 18 different paths they want to follow. My job is to find the best path and little side-trails for you and your company, especially if you’re not entirely sure what you want.

Computationally… I’ve been coding since I was 10. I discovered HTML and CSS by right clicking on someone’s profile on an online gaming site, because I wanted to know why my profile was different from theirs. I’ve been teaching myself ever since. Whether you need a regular site that’s easy to navigate and simply displays your company’s information and products, or you need an eCommerce site with Lightboxes, Sliders, and responsive design, I can help you. I have also developed phone apps if you need something built.

Ultimately, I know all businesses and all clients are different. What works for one person, won’t necessarily work for someone else. Because of that, my designs and marketing strategies are 100% unique to you. I adapt to what you need because you’re not like other clients or businesses, and that’s why you ventured out on your own in the first place.

Some actual stuff about who I am?

Freelancing has given me the opportunity to work from wherever I choose. As often as I can, I throw a bag in my car and take a trip to my next bucket list destination. My most recent trip was to Montana to visit Glacier National Park, and I’ve never seen a more beautiful place. 

Aside from being an outdoorsy gal, I love hanging out with my two dogs, experimenting in the kitchen, reading a murder mystery, and figuring out where my next conference or what my next class will be, because I’m always learning. 

Random Facts:

  • I never get bored. I’m ALWAYS doing something
  • My favorite colors are pink and purple. And that beautiful, rich blue you see at sunset
  • Solo camping is the most incredible thing
  • I’m a pescatarian
  • I love candy corn (yes, I know it tastes like chalk)
  • My parents are the most wonderful people, and they reside in Seattle
  • Sea – HAWKS!
  • I’ve been to five continents (missing Antarctica and Africa)
  • I spontaneously went paragliding in New Zealand