Go Atlantic

Go Atlantic is a chiropractic office dedicated to giving individual treatment plans to their patients. They are kind and friendly – the type of doctors that listen to your symptoms rather than tell you you don’t have any. 

For this project, I wanted to focus on what made them special, which was their love for treating patients and making patients feel heard. I catered their content to the patients, so patients will feel like Go Atlantic truly wants to help them with their injuries. Getting on the same level as the patients, in this case, is a great marketing strategy. Their patients are in a lot of pain, and as a patient, you want to hear that the practice truly cares and will do everything they can to help you. Would you want to see a doctor for your chronic pain and feel like you were just another number before their lunch break? Me neither.





Chiropractics are a niche, and there were no icons that would have accurately portrayed the types of services Go Atlantic provided. I created their own set of icons that were both functional and on-brand.


Go Atlantic has a total of 9 offices within the Baltimore area. For optimal UX, we created a page that displayed all locations, provided addresses, and even provided the user with directions to the clinic of their choice.