A Clean Xscape

This website was given to me to design by one of my agency clients, Maggie. The company is a high-end professional cleaning service, and they needed a design that emoted cleanliness. The home page mockup had already been created in Photoshop, so I recreated it within WordPress and designed the remaining pages in a similar style. 

Designed while contracted with Website Design Plus, LLC. © Website Design Plus, LLC. All Rights Reserved.





It was important that services be made available for purchase on the website. The company already had an account with Acuity Scheduling, so we embedded their scheduling form so it was easy for prospective clients to set up a service.


I don’t get to use shape dividers very often when I design because they often come off as cheesy. However, we used a cloud-like wave for each header because it emulated cleanliness and ease, which is what we wanted for their prospective clients.