Commercials &
Motion Graphics

These days, it’s difficult to grab your audience’s attention and even harder to keep it. You have 1 second to grab their attention. You have 3 seconds to keep it. And every second after that, you need to be telling a story that captivates your viewer in a way that makes them NEED to watch more.

The videos I create evoke emotion in my viewers. Marketing is centered around human emotions and addressing human needs. When people feel, or when they see a family similar to theirs, or when they see a person completing similar daily tasks, the viewer is able to relate, and they’re able to see themselves in that arena with their family, or using that product with their husband, or driving down the street in that car. And that’s what pushes the viewer to purchase – emotion.

Figuring out how to cultivate a story that will evoke emotion is my favorite part of creating.

Featured Work

Los Angeles Sparks

As the season began, we needed a commercial to run on Spectrum during Sparks games to encourage people to purchase tickets.

Since commercials need to capture people’s interest in the first few seconds, I took advantage of that by playing a clip of a Sparks game so viewers would think the game was back on. I switched the script and ran a “service interrupted” error during a high-energy play because that’s the worst time to get interrupted. The premise behind the commercial was to purchase tickets because you won’t miss a single play if you’re watching in-person. Additionally, I wanted to appeal to a larger audience of people who come for the experience, so I added clips showcasing the atmosphere at STAPLES Center.

This concept was developed for social media when we clinched the playoffs. It was meant to be high-energy and dynamic, encouraging our fans to be excited.

As marketing revolves around evoking emotion, I wanted our End of Season “thank you fans” video to do just that. A lot of the footage I took myself for the purpose of this video (the rest was shot by Davy Greenberg). I wanted to encompass all aspects of the Sparks fan experience – the interactions with Sparky, the halftime shows, the fans cheering, and the game itself – to tell a story. I then rewound the entire video to show fans that the season wouldn’t have been possible without them.

Summer Buns

I ran ads for a small boutique in San Diego, called Summer Buns. We wanted a video that was fun, light, and highlighted San Diego. This was created using clips of Allysa, photos of the products, and stock video.

Pitch & Get Paid

When selling expensive courses online, it’s important users really understand what they’ll be purchasing. I didn’t feel like a static photo or carousel was going to do that. I put together a script for the course owner and and made the video fast-paced so viewers wouldn’t get bored.

PacificFund Donors

My university ran a video contest to find the yearly video they’d use to thank donors for contributing to the school. While this video was the first I ever created and could use polishing, my goal was storytelling, and I wanted to hit the hearts of donors so they could see how wonderful the university and its students were.