Meadowood’s site was given to me to create by one of my agency clients. This site uses Themeco Pro’s page builder, rather than Elementor’s (which I typically use). I was given the brand guide and a website to mirror the structure of. Like many sites created with this client, it utilizes Slider Revolution and The Grid. The Grid was used to create the beautiful, fully-responsive, masonry layout you see on the gallery page.





Some of the pages on this website don’t have enough content for the footer to reach the bottom of the browser window, so we were left with a large white area underneath the footer. We enabled a sticky footer that would sit at the bottom of the browser window, even when there wasn’t enough content.


This was one of my first projects working with The Grid. The client wanted a masonry layout, where each image would enlarge slightly on hover, and open upon click. The Grid comes with premade skins, none of which gave us this effect. It took a custom skin and some custom CSS to create the effect the client was looking for.