Your website needs help. Your logo keeps resizing, and it gets blurry when you reload. You resize your browser, and your text and images are now overlapping. None of your links work. WHY!?

Let me dive into the code and figure it out.


Whether you’ve built your website using WordPress, Dreamweaver, Muse, or from scratch with Notepad, I can go through the code and let you know what’s going on. I taught myself how to code when I was 10 when my parents thought I had gone to bed. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are like English to me, and I can transform your website into something that truly represents your incredible business.

Let me help you optimize your website for consumer-ease, because your product is not your website. Your website is a tool you use to present your product and your brand. If your site does not accurately represent your product because it’s not built out correctly, it’ll hurt your business. And that’s not fair to your incredible product.

Give me the reigns, and I’ll give you a new face to your product and company. I’ll implement responsive design, videos, sliders, popups, and anything else you want to see. Not sure about the importance of SEO? Don’t worry – I’ll deck out your site with metadata and keywords.