My favorite offerings, website development and maintenance allow me to showcase both my design and technological skills. With knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP, I can make any vision you have for your site become a reality. Because your site is your best salesman, don’t you want to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward?

Website Development

From start to finish, from idea conception to live, website development is my favorite service I offer. My design degree and 7+ years in the professional world mean I can create our own mockups, backed by psychology and eye-movement patterns. I know the ins and outs and can even develop original content for you. My sites are fully-customizable and never templates, so they’re always unique. Additionally, I can set you up with daily backups and virus scans so you can avoid any potential heartbreak.

E-Commerce Development

Figuring out how to sell your products can be tricky, especially when you’re just starting out. We’ll get you set up so it’ll be completely full-proof and pain-free! You’ll receive emails when you’ve sold a product, you’ll notify the customer when it’s shipped, and your stock gets tracked automatically. We can even integrate it with your warehouse, if you have one. Once we’re done, I’ll make sure you’re 100% comfortable updating and adding products on your own – you won’t even have to mess with the design.

Website Migration

Need your site design digitally moved somewhere? Website migrations are quick, easy, and painless. Your links will all work, and it’s even a breeze to swap out every link in your site if you’re changing domains. Not one pixel will be off.

Hosting Transfers

Hosting transfers are fairly straightforward, but they can be scary if you’ve never done them before. Whether you’re moving from GoDaddy to BlueHost, or you just need your domain transferred, I can get you situated in no time. Do be advised, however, that domains pointing to new hosting packages can take up to 48 hours to propagate, and your site will be down during that time.

Site Maps & Content Creation

It’s difficult for Google to index your site without a site map, which helps Google find various assets within your site, so these are essential if you want to appear in search results. Content is just as important, as Google prioritizes original content with proper tags and keywords.

SEO Audits

SEO is difficult, and when you hire someone for SEO, it’s going to look like you’re paying them to do nothing. In reality, Google is constantly changing its algorithm, which means one day you may be on page one, and the next, you’re on page nine. SEO experts are consistently monitoring your site’s rankings, keywords, and competitor’s rankings and keywords. Audits will help you understand where your website stands against competitors and any opportunities you can take advantage of.

Website Maintenance

First off, while I do offer website maintenance, my goal when I build a site is to ensure you’re able to edit it on your own. Why? Because it’s annoying to have to get a hold of your designer every time you get a new employee or want to swap out a photo. However, if you have consistent changes, a web maintenance plan may be what you need. This can ensure your site is up to date with security assets and backups, while also giving you a dedicated person to edit and design when you need them.

Analytics Reports

Do you know your bounce rate or where your visitors are coming from? Most people don’t know what those are, and that’s okay. Figuring out your bounce rate will help you better-strategize each of your pages and where users’ interests are dropping off. And if most of your visitors are coming from social media, it’ll confirm that your social strategy is working properly, or that your advertising is working. You’ll get TONS of other data from something as simple as Google Analytics, and I can help you set that up as well as let you know what each item means.