Social Media

While the digital age is exciting, it’s extremely difficult to reach certain audiences or expand your brand’s awareness without social media. As a business, users often see not having a social media presence as a red flag.

Social Calendars

Tired of trying to figure out what to post day-to-day? It can be exhausting, especially if each post needs to get approval before it’s posted. It’s not sustainable, and it’s difficult for your engagement to grow. Social calendars get done one week before the 1st of the month so you have plenty of time to review the month’s content and visuals ahead of time. 

Social Media Strategy

Posting just to post is almost as damaging as not posting at all or posting several times a day. When developing a strategy, it’s important to keep “creative fatigue” in mind, which is when your audience sees too much of the same thing and unfollows you. We’ll set post categories for each posting day based on what your audience wants to see. On hashtag-friendly platforms, we’ll do research for maximum exposure.

Audience Audits

You have your target audience, but are those the people who are following you? It’s important to perform audience audits ever so often to ensure you’re attracting the right people. Sometimes, specific hashtags will have brought you bots, or your content is bringing you a younger audience when you want your audience to be older. Either way, it’s important to know where your social media stands with your followers so you can adjust your strategy if need be.

Platform-Specific Audits

Social platforms are always changing, as the creators are trying to find the “next best thing” to keep people on the platforms. Because of this, it’s important to perform bi-monthly or monthly audits. These ensure your links are working properly, and you’re taking advantage of new features that have emerged on the platforms. 

Engagement Reports

Contrary to popular belief, your number of followers doesn’t matter too much. It matters, of course, but if you have 20,000 followers, but only 30 engagements per post, that tells you your social strategy isn’t working. Keeping up with your engagement analytics is a vital part of keeping your social media healthy, as red flags go up when viewers see your engagement levels don’t match the amount of followers you have.