You have 300,000 social media followers, but every time you post content, you barely get 300 engagements. Why?

Move over, and let me dig into your metrics.


This is a digital age, and if you don’t have a social media presence or you’re not utilizing digital ads, you’re not reaching your potential, and you’re not reaching the audiences you could be reaching. You can be so much bigger.

It’s important to be digging into your metrics, but maybe you don’t have the time. Maybe you think it’s fine to randomly post on Facebook every other day. Maybe you think the picture you post is fine, and you think the verbiage you use is fine. Metrics don’t lie. Let me figure out the optimal time to post on your social media platforms, based on your audience’s engagement habits. Let me figure out what keywords you should be using for your Google Display Ads in order to reach a larger audience and expand. ROI is important, especially if you’re working with stakeholders. Let me help you show them that they’re making a priceless investment.


Your business may prefer to utilize traditional marketing tactics, such as grassroots flyers or billboards. This may be an effective way to reach your consumers. Let me learn your audience and figure out the best way to measure the effectiveness of your traditional marketing.