Los Angeles Sparks

I worked with the Los Angeles Sparks for two years – the WNBA team in Los Angeles, if you haven’t heard of them.

When I got there, there was no marketing department, no creative department, and no web department – I became all of those departments (with the exception of our Marketing Coordinator, Ryan Young, who started about the same time I did).

The Sparks were just coming off of a 2016 Championship, and ownership wanted our new branding to say “we’re elite and sexy, but we’re humble about it.”

I changed our primary colors from teal, gold, and purple, to black and gold, with hints of purple, and I used our secondary logo instead of our primary logo. I added diagonal lines to promote dynamic energy and action.

The photos we used shifted from the mindset of “here are pretty women playing a sport” to “this is a fierce woman, showcasing her determination and grit through her body language and facial expressions.”

Through my branding, we transformed the Sparks into an organization that felt elite, something you had to be invited to, while also being awarded for being the most family-friendly teams in the nation.

At the end of my first year, I was promoted to the Marketing & Creative Services Manager, and I brought a 200% engagement increase through my graphics and marketing strategies.

The “2018 AXS Ads” you see on the right are examples of the “poke the bear” strategy I implemented to promote engagement and more dialogue between teams. This strategy got us recognized on multiple local news stations around the nation.