As a full-time freelancer, I was lucky enough to be brought on staff as a designer for two months. No doubt the most incredible and wholesome organization I’ve ever worked with – every single person I met was a pleasure, and it was incredibly inspiring to work under the direction of Cheyenne Brumlow.

During my two months with the Fiesta Bowl Organization, I completed 106 projects. Most of those projects had more than one piece of artwork in it. So, you do the math.

A majority of my work revolved around the Fiesta Bowl Parade. With the groundwork laid out for the campaign artwork, I was honored to be able to finalize the elements within the artwork to include our five Grand Marshals. 

The Parade artwork was somewhat of a challenge because we didn’t have high-quality photos to use for our GMs. It took careful placement and specific artwork treatment to make sure each piece of artwork came together, while also including all five GMs equally.

Spearheading the Parade was an incredible experience. I volunteered at the Parade as a balloon handler day-of, and it was humbling to see how many people were able to see my artwork.