I love Facebook Advertising. There’s something about digging into the psychology behind advertising that entices me and makes me want to keep reaching for that PERFECT audience and those PERFECT phrases. Which headline is going to grab someone’s attention? Is this image, this content, this headline, this CTA button, and the audience I chose going to come together to bring in conversions?

My ad objectives have covered web purchases, page likes, engagement, webpage views, lead forms, website form submissions, and everything in between. I have experience working with $15,000/month budgets, and I have experience working with $200/month budgets. 

The best part about my advertising? I don’t wait for you to say “I don’t think this is working.” I check my ads daily to ensure my clients’ ads are optimized, comments are being monitored, and billing thresholds aren’t reached. If something’s not working, I turn them off and let you know our next course of action. You won’t get that proactive nature at agencies – trust me, I worked at one.

Overall, my favorite part is the creative writing, paired with target audience research. I love learning about people and how they work, and my passion for learning makes me great with advertising.