These days, it’s difficult to grab your audience’s attention and even harder to keep it. You have 1 second to grab their attention. You have 3 seconds to keep it. And every second after that, you need to be telling a story that captivates your viewer in a way that makes them NEED to watch more.

With the Los Angeles Sparks, I was lucky enough to shoot most of my own material, which I was later able to turn into videos or social media clips. As a sports fan myself, it was easy to put myself in the position of the viewer so I could determine the video’s aesthetic.

The videos I create revolve around the idea of evoking emotion in my viewers. Marketing is centered around human emotions and addressing human needs. When people feel, or when they see a family similar to theirs, or when they see a person completing similar daily tasks, the viewer is able to relate, and they’re able to see themselves in that arena with their family, or using that product with their husband, or driving down the street in that car. And that’s what pushes the viewer to purchase – emotion. 

Figuring out how to cultivate a story that will evoke emotion is my favorite part of creating.