Working with the Fiesta Bowl to create artwork for the Cheez-It Bowl was FUN. Working with Cheez-It was FUN. 

The branding around Cheez-It is energetic; it’s wild; it’s adventurous. It’s a little wacky. It allowed us to truly think OUTSIDE the box. Outside the Cheez-It box, if you will.

Speaking of Cheez-It boxes, sponsorship had a new activation this year – a set of seats atop a constructed Cheez-It box on the sideline. I was able to work on the credentials for these new seats, and instead of normal credentials, I decided to create credentials that looked like Cheez-It boxes! Since they were the Cheez-It Box Seats. Huge hit.

Being from Washington, it was also great to be able to work with the WSU branding. Not to mention, the dark maroon matched much better with Cheez-It’s branding than AF did.